Summer 2015

Debi with Iris (340x255)
Debi with Iris

This story is long. This story is incredible, mainly because there are very few  people that truly understand what it is like to rescue a cat in need, much less many  cats in need.  I had basically retired from rescuing “colonies” of cats.

Then one of my volunteers came to me willing to do a colony rescue.  I explained that I would trap, assist, provide funding to the best of my ability and advise, but that I could not take in any more cats at the FURR facility. The person wanted to go ahead and rescue a dying, diseased, sick colony of abandoned cats. Her name is Debi Pope. She reminds me of me – a teensy unsure of the challenge at hand, but going after it anyway. So we began.

There were so many of them – cats and kittens, all abandoned, starving, sick.  We snuck out to the private property at night, climbing fencing, cutting barbed wire, doing what we had  to do to save them.  We trapped & trapped & trapped.  I was able to grab a few little ones with my hands.  I netted a couple with my net.  Debi helped me every day and we transported  many straight to the vet.  Together we set up Debi’s garage with cage after cage, tables, food  and litter, supplies, medicines, fans, etc.  Everything I suggested to Debi to teach her how to care for the cats, she did.  She followed my every instruction and seemed to hang on my every word of advise and instruction.  She was so much like me during my first time rescuing a colony.

Altogether, over the period of a couple of weeks, working night and day, we rescued (I believe) sixteen cats and kittens.  We lost 2.  We cried for this baby too far gone and one sick mama cat that was positive for aids and leukemia and was already suffering, struggling to breathe.  It is sickening, at best, to authorize the vet to take the life of a cat but the decision was clear in our eyes.

Luckily, we saved the rest and medicated, deflea’d, dewormed, vetted and did our best to get them healthy.  We have 9 adults and 5 kittens.  Debi still has the cats in her garage.  The 5 kittens are now at FURR:  Butternut, Basil, Acorn, Fern & Myrtle.  The kittens came to us extremely grim – sickly, eye infections, skin & bones and it broke our hearts.  But now,  after weeks of meds, etc., they are thriving at the FURR lodge.

Many thanks to Adrienne (Debi’s neighbor) and her young son, for fostering Acorn,  Basil and Butternut until we could take them at the lodge.  They basically saved these  kittens by loving them, medicating them and giving them a safe haven to survive.

We  will be forever grateful!