Another child gets it!

Sloan Kozlowski has learned a lot about caring for animals from her parents, Alicia & Jake.  This little girl just loves kitties!  In fact, she decided to have her birthday party be a party for FURR!  How amazing is that?  It is always surprising to me when children understand how important it is to give back and support those less fortunate, whether it be animals or people.

Sloan coordinated her party by asking her little friends to bring goodies, food and necessities to help the FURR rescued cats.  As you can see from the pictures, FURR received gift cards, food, supplies and MORE!  We are extremely grateful to Sloan for her generous decision to give up other presents she could have had to help our cats.  There is no doubt that this kid LOVES cats and she had a blast playing with TUX and the kittens.  Her mom, Alicia, kept telling her it was time leave, but……….she didn’t want to!!!

All the kitties from FURR thank you Sloan! You did a wonderful thing!!!

Thank you girls:  Sloan, Alicia, Molly, Grace Anne, Jo Jo and Emily!