Patootie's Babies - Sept 2013
Patootie’s Babies – Sept 2013

The first time FURR rescued Patootie was in September 2013 and this is the amazing story. She and her five beautiful kittens truly survived against all odds and Terry’s pure grit and determination saved them all. They were adopted in September 2014.

Even more amazing is this early 2017 story of the second time FURR stopped at nothing to save her – again!!

The first family that adopted her somehow LOST her early this year! She was gone for over 6 months OUTSIDE in the harsh winter, starving and alone, and no one contacted Terry or FURR.  A strange couple started feeding her and lured her into their home.  After capturing her, they took her to Banfield Hospital to see if she was microchipped and she WAS – to FURR!

The people refused to give her up to FURR and would NOT fill out any paperwork OR allow Terry to see Patootie.  As a result of failed attempts to see Patootie and talk to the people using Waxhaw A/C and the Waxhaw Police Dept, Terry filed a law suit against these people to return the cat to FURR.

Patootie Back at FURR - Feb 2017
Patootie Back at FURR – Feb 2017
Even more incredible is that the original adopters said they had given up hope on ever finding her and did not want her back at this point!!!  Terry was totally stunned.

Nevertheless, people need to know that the cat reverts to FURR if ever lost, mistreated or not wanted.


Patootie with New Mom Leta - Feb 2017
Patootie with New Mom Leta – Feb 2017

The law suit cost Terry, personally, over $4,000 but she won and got Patootie back!  She had loved her from the moment she rescued her and all of her babies that were near death the first time. So naturally Terry was determined to get her another home with someone that would stay in contact with FURR and who would sign a contract and commit to the strict rules we now require for all adoptions.

Less than two days after Terry got Patootie back, with a court order, she was adopted by the most amazing woman!  She lives alone, has one kitty and 2 little dogs.  Her animals are her entire life and she has fallen in love with Patootie and given her the best possible home ever!!!

Terry was elated to save this poor kitty, that was LOST, starving and scared, OUTSIDE AGAIN for 6 months!!!  The whole thing sends chills up one’s spine and I still, to this day, Terry cannot understand the mindset of the folks that found her wanting no communication with her whatsoever and not willing to fill out any paperwork or even let me see if she was OK.

In the end, Terry got the kitty back and it cost them attorney fees and a $500 fine by the judge for not cooperating!

Terry’s determination really paid off her – and more importantly for Patootie!

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