Darren Looking Expectantly in Late 2015
Darren Looking Expectantly in Late 2015

Christmas 2015

This adoption by Toni West needs its own story…….it is a true Christmas miracle that Toni is giving Darren the home he has deserved and waited on for so so long. 

Toni lost her beloved Patchy the night of the 2015 FURR Christmas party and we know how much she loved her Patchy……Our hearts are with Toni as she suffers this loss.

Toni had mentioned to me for several years about how much she loved Darren and felt so sorry for him living at the lodge for soooo long.  I was absolutely ecstatic when she offered to take Darren week before last.  It was one of the happiest days ever!  Darren is doing really well at Toni’s.  Thank you Toni for giving such a great and deserving kitty a home.

I wrote a letter to the daughter of the lady that had owned Darren.  I told her the wonderful news about Darren going to Toni’s.  She told me that right after I had rescued Darren (and Tabitha), that the house was vandalized and burned to the ground.  I can say that we truly did save those cats from a tragic ending……….The Lord works in mysterious ways.