FUZZ BALL CUTIES! These two kittens are the cutest things in the world and now they have been adopted into their FURRever home together! CHIP & LINK are doing extremely well after their adoption!!!

The new adopters are getting MARRIED in a couple of weeks and FURR will be kitten sittin’ for the two!  FURR will take the babies for about 10-12 days and during that time, they will have their final vet visit, neuter, shots, etc.  I can’t wait to see them again and play with them!!!  After their recovery and the new owners honeymoon in Europe (wow!), the kittens will return to their new home~~~   I am sooo happy that these two got to go together!  They are just the sweetest things!  Just look at these amazing pictures!!!

Meet their adorable siblings Mulligan, Birdie, Bunker, Bogie, Caddie and Putt Putt! These little guys and girls are soooooo adorable, very very playful and funny and as entertaining as it gets!  They are all healthy and happy and just waiting to see the next adventure around the corner. Complete vet work included with each one (shots, surgery, blood tests, etc.) when they are old enough. These kittens were BORN at our rescue facility and have been handled and socialized since day ONE!  They LOVE people and just want to be loved!

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