Capella1Our sweet Capella went home with Dianne Kenny this summer for our FURR summer program.  This was such a great thing to happen to Capella after being in the rescue facility for p long.  She had never been in a real home before and this was her chance to find out about “family”.

Capella was rescued a long while ago from a colony in Monroe.  She came with about 26 other cats that a lady had gotten me to take in.  So at that time FURR was a bit overwhelmed and I had more feral cats to tame than ever!

Luckily, Capella was an easy one and learned to love people quickly.  She remained a little shy, but she is so beautiful and sweet, that she got a lot of attention from the volunteers……especially Dianne who loves the silver kitties!  She already had two other FURR kitties that are silver and white!  Dianne and John gave Capella that opportunity to go to their home for the summer and that was all she wrote!

Capella is now going to become a permanent member of the Kenny family!  What a wonderful, happy ending for our sweet girl!