Bradley & Itty Bitty with Jessica & Christine
Bradley & Itty Bitty with Jessica & Christine

Summer 2015

For those of you that do not remember, BRADLEY “appeared” in a flower pot of a family living near Bradley Creek Marina in Wilmington. I got a call while in Wilmington and took the sweet baby. The family said they arrived home to find the kitten sitting in a flower pot screaming to the top of his lungs … no other kittens, no mama, no nothing. This tiny kitten seemed very displaced, confused and scared. Probably dumped. Can you imagine?

Now our sweet little Bradley has been adopted by a wonderful family! This unique, animal-loving family already has 2 kids, 2 dogs & 2 senior kitties. The precious and beautiful blonde daughter, Jessie, fell head over heals for Bradley and wanted him in the worst way! Jess and Bradley bonded instantly and now he sleeps with her at night (along with Itty Bitty!) and it is a wonderful bond! Mom, Christine, has fallen in love with Itty, who is along for fostering & keeping Bradley company for now. But she has realized that it will be a tough good-bye when Itty returns to the FURR lodge.

Itty Bitty & Bradley Feb 2016
Itty Bitty & Bradley Feb 2016

I understand that a sweet family with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a kitten may decide that two more kittens might be a bit much. For now, all are extremely happy and loving life! These 2 kittens are in the best of care and whether Itty comes back or not, it was a wonderful experience and we are so happy for Bradley, truly one of the most adorable kittens ever!

Update – Great News – Sept. 1, 2015:
I received word today that this family has decided to adopt ITTY BITTY as well!!!  I just started crying as soon as I heard the news!  The family absolutely fell in love with her and have decided that they cannot part with her!  I just could not be happier!

This wonderful “animal” family now has a very happy menagerie with 2 kids, 2 older cats, 2 kittens (Bradley & Itty) and 2 dogs plus Mom and Dad!  It is a beautiful home filled with love and I am thrilled beyond belief to know them!
Itty had gone with her best buddy, Bradley, to keep him company.  It was a hard decision on my part to let Itty go for a few weeks, but I really did not want Bradley to be alone while transitioning to a new home, new family and new life.
The two kittens were so attached at the lodge and they were always just adorable together.  I decided that after Bradley adjusted to his new home and was more comfortable, we could bring Itty back to the lodge.

But now, WE DON’T HAVE TO!  WOO HOO!  This is beyond wonderful!