Avalon Fall 2015
Avalon Fall 2015

Fall 2015 – AVALON ADOPTED!!!

YES!!!  BELIEVE IT!!! I have cried a lot over this one and will cry some more, but this story will amaze you to no end!

AVALON has had a very rough & unfair life. Like most abandoned mama cats, AVALON was left for dead, in poor condition and pregnant while only a kitten herself. Living in horrible conditions, AVALON was rescued by FURR & now she is a fuzzy wuzzy black kitty that just loves to be loved! She is a purr box and super soft! She has an adorable little round body and a little round head! When we rescued her, this tiny little girl was longing for a family of her own, but the odds are so stacked up against her. She is now 3 years young and a solid black kitty, so that doesn’t help her get adopted until you meet her! She gets super excited when someone pays attention to her and just twirls around and around when you are petting her!

Before we rescued her, AVALON was one of the cats rescued from a Monroe colony several years ago!  FURR took in 27 cats from that colony and all were totally emaciated, starving, covered in fleas and some were even dying at that point.  It was a HUGE rescue and FURR took on all the cats possible.  The cats that came from the colony were so scared and timid, but they had been living off of scraps of food, if any at all, no water (except from puddles) and had a horrible life.  FURR managed to get all of the cats healthy and adopt out almost all of them………..except for a couple of them that were continually overlooked by people wanting to adopt.  It has been a deep sense of sadness for the couple of cats that have lived at FURR for so long. It is so unfair that the black cats and the black & white cats are not wanted especially if they are timid cats.  But, an amazing thing just happened & it renews our faith in our mission at FURR!

A couple wanted to visit FURR and I was busy at PetSmart, so thanks sooooo much DEE for showing the couple around to see all of the cats.  This couple had two cats and sadly one had passed away.  They soon realized a change in personality of their other cat having to live alone and knew that another partner kitty was needed.  They had looked around at other rescues for a kitty, but they wanted to also see the FURR kitties.

After visiting FURR I received an email from Ruby (the wife) with words that just dropped me to my knees…….she said, and I quote: “Hi Terry, I think Avalon is the most beautiful black cat I have ever seen.

Honestly, I can’t even type this without crying!  Can we all be amazed right now?  Can we all say a prayer to thank GOD for a home for this precious little deserving soul?  She has been at FURR for at least 3-4 years and finally a miracle for AVALON!

Thank you Pastor David and lovely wife Ruby for seeing the light!