Chucky - Sept 2021

Urgent! Chucky needs a temporary foster home!

Sept 22, 2021 Chucky is a rescued cat with no where to go! We urgently need a temporary foster home for him! He is a 9 month old, neutered male and overall healthy, but he is FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia positive), and so may need to be kept away from other cats inside the home.

The foster home is temporary because there is a FURR-ever home that will be available for him in a few weeks. In the meantime he’s living in a small space, so moving to a foster home would enable him to live much more comfortably in a larger space.

Please let FURR know if you have a place in your heart & home for this sweet boy! You can reach Terry Schultz at 864-843-2444.

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab rescue facility to meet this kitty, please email FURR’s President and Founder, Terry Schultz, at

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to the Charlotte and surrounding area only and to approved homes.

If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.