Bridgett posing on perch-June 2024

Foster or Adopt Bridgett! (Wendy adopted)!

Bridgett – June 2024
Bridgette – June 2024

June 1, 2024 Wendy (solid orange tabby shown on May 22 below) is adopted and will be going to her FURR-ever home the week of June 3rd! Bridgett (with white feet, chest shown here) is still available, so we added a few more recent photos of her!

Bridgett (L) and Wendy (R)
May 2024
Wendy with new Dad
May 2024

May 22, 2024 FURR rescued 10 kittens born to a couple of outdoor female cats.  They were all in north Hampstead.

Little “WENDY” has been adopted by a great family!  They have a teenage long haired orange boy & WENDY will be an adorable look-a-like little sister! THANK YOU JEFF to you & your family for adopting a FURR rescued kitten!!!

The owner that called me PROMISED to get the females fixed.  I will follow up with her soon, especially since mama cats CAN get pregnant while nursing!!!

Anyway, I was able to get 4 kittens to a fellow rescue and 2 kittens to another fellow rescue and FURR kept 2 of the kittens. The owner kept 2 of the kittens.

BUT, “Wendy” and “Bridgett” are at FURR and just freakin’ ADORABLE! Watch their hilarious video! They are both orange tabby girls! Wendy is more of a solid fluff of orange and will be long haired! Bridgett is short haired with white points!

Both kittens are ready for adoption but will live at FURR until fixed (a few more weeks!). Come meet these happy, silly and playful sisters!  Better be first in line because they will go fast! Preferential consideration given to an adopter that wants BOTH!!!

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