Amelia & Caddie - Best Feline Friends

Amelia & Caddie adopted!


April 2021 Caddie & Amelia are adopted! Caddie and Amelia were the 2 kittens that I adopted out a couple of years ago to a young couple that I believed in. Unfortunately, the couple proved me wrong and after having a baby, decided to dump their 2 beloved cats……of course they are now adults and much harder to find homes for.

The cats have been in a temporary foster home.

LIZ, a long time FURR volunteer, had adopted a FURR kitty, “CLEO”, to keep her kitty, “MING” company. Sadly, MING passed away recently and we certainly know how hard that is to say goodbye to our beloved family……we are so sorry Liz. But, LIZ decided to give CADDIE a try to give Cleo a friend! She took in CADDIE and slowly but surely, CADDIE and CLEO are getting along and Liz has become quite attached to CADDIE and has decided to adopt her!

I am sooooo excited that now CADDIE has, what I know will be, a permanent loving home! Thank you Liz! Some people just don’t understand what that means. Our beloved cats are NOT disposable.

These pictures are great & we all with Liz, Caddie & Cleo a very long and happy life together!

Original Story in 2020 – Three years ago a young, newly married couple adopted one of my kittens. They had rescued a kitten that needed a friend, so I adopted “CADDIE” to them. They really wanted CADDIE to be a friend to their cat AMELIA, who was the same age as CADDIE.

CADDIE was one of the kittens born to SUN CITY KITTY MAMA………..

Now, three years later, the two cats are 3 years old and the couple now live in a home that will NOT allow any pets in the house. CADDIE & AMELIA are both in a small bathroom. I am thankful that they are still alive, but this is a horrible situation for the cats. I have been just devastated over it. It is quite difficult to find adult cats a home, much less two cats.

Both cats are very sweet. Please help any way you can to spread the word for these two beautiful cats who unfortunately need to move from the only place they have ever known.


FURR will do anything to keep the two, very attached, cats together.

THIS IS URGENT TO SAY THE LEAST. I am still afraid that these cats will be dropped off at animal control if we do not find a FOSTER HOME or PERMANENT HOME SOON!!!

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