Triscuit and Biscuit Snuggling - Aug 2017

Triscuit & Biscuit – Adorable Adopted Sisters

Biscuit Relaxing - Aug 2017
Biscuit Relaxing – Aug 2017

Update August 2017 – Absolutely Adorable and Adopted together!! Check back soon for their adoption story.

Triscuit and Biscuit are little tabby/calico puff balls sisters and sweet as can be! They love each other and are inseparable. Their beautiful bright coloring is quite unusual with calico/tabby markings – “tabicos”. They are extremely sweet and very playful. You will not find two more amazing kittens hand raised at FURR!!

Watch Triscuit’s “Jumping Bean Video” – it’s hilarious!

They get crazy excited when they see people coming to visit them. Please make an appointment to come see them and you’ll fall in love!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet this kitty please email Terry at

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area!

If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.


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