Beautiful Treesa

Treesa’s Christmas Miracle Adoption!

Terry Schultz tells the incredible Story of Treesa’s rescue from horrific abuse, years of recovery and her very special Christmas Miracle FURR-ever home adoption…

I don’t know where to even begin……..

I get long winded telling my cat stories and then I can’t see to type through the tears………

This story undoubtedly is one of the most amazing of all time………….here goes!

I received a call a few years ago about a cat stuck up in a tree. The caller said that she had dogs and that the cat would not come down. She told me that the cat had been up in the tree for at LEAST five days. I could not believe what I was hearing. I rushed over to assess the situation, and there she was…….hanging over a branch about 50 feet up. That was high. It was too high for me to climb up and reach her or for my ladder to reach her.

I called a wildlife trapper that I knew. He came over (and after paying him significantly), he managed to get his very tall ladder up the tree close to the cat. I managed to climb up there and grab her. I stuffed her in a pillow case to keep her safe and calm, and with no sound or fuss by her at all, lowered her to the ground with me.

Of course I rushed her back to the rescue facility. I put her in a separate room for isolation, got food and water to her immediately. She began to eat & drink to regain her strength. The next day, when I opened the door to go in and check on her, she let out the loudest and scariest scream I have ever heard! The closer I got to her, the more she screamed & the louder she got. I truly believe she thought I was coming in to kill her! The night before, I think she was just so emaciated & dehydrated that she did not have the strength to react to anything. Afterwards, I realized that was how I easily grabbed her out of the tree.

Needless to say, this was the beginning of a very long and difficult road. I named her “TREESA” for obvious reasons, but this poor cat was just petrified of anyone that would come near her, and she was also scared of any animal (cat or dog) that she would see through her glass door or window. The screams that came out of her were shrilling and made me wonder if the neighbors were going to call the police……….they had to have heard her???

The screaming continued for weeks, but finally she began to be calmer when I was in the room, but if I reached in to touch her, clean her litter box or give her food, the screaming began. It was the worst case I had ever seen. The abuse that must have happened to this poor animal must have been horrific. I could tell that she was not a “feral” cat. She had seen people before, and her mannerisms told me that she was in a totally defensive mode and literally thought she was going be hurt or killed.

A lot of my time, during these past few years at FURR, has been spent working with TREESA. I made it a point to touch her every day, talk to her, pet her…….in the beginning, only with gloves on, but after a while, I would just use my hands. I suffered many bites, scratches and verbal abuse from TREESA, but I was determined not to give up on her. She very slowing improving. No one really believed me, but I knew that she was getting better…..VERY SLOWLY she “did” improve. She eventually got to come out of her cage and walk around her room. It was probably at least a year later that she was actually allowed to walk outside her room into the hallway, but ONLY if no other cats were around. She was still terrified of new people and other cats.

After persisting for several years, I can truly say that TREESA became my friend. She began sitting in my lap (and sometimes the other volunteers’ laps). The first time I heard her purr, I think I almost fainted. Later came the “biscuits” she would make on a soft blanket or lap. She was always vocal, and continued to be, but her pitches in her voice changed. She would purr, she would chirp, she would meow once in a while….and sometimes, she would still growl, but mostly, I believe TREESA discovered that she had some things to say that weren’t all bad!

TREESA has a huge special place in my heart. Because she could not be around other cats, she has lived alone at the FURR rescue facility in a small room. She would get out a couple times a day to traverse the hallway, but that’s about it. She needed more than I could give her. She needed a home. It is still amazing and unreal to me that TREESA made it to this point. I decided to advertise her for adoption, but I was very detailed and specific in my ad saying that this cat MUST have a cat whisperer……..someone who wanted to “save” an unfortunate soul, not someone that wanted the perfect cat for themselves.

This type of adopter only comes around once in a million years. I really did not have a lot of hope………..but I did pray about it. And then, it happened! It is the best Christmas gift I could ever hope for!

A young girl called me and said that she had read the adoption ad about TREESA. She told me that she wanted to adopt her. She didn’t ask me a lot about her, except that she wanted to give her a home. Can you believe that? This is not a person that wants for selfish reasons, but wants to give love and life to an animal in need. Her name is Kristin. Of course I talked with Kristin extensively about TREESA before she came over. I explained that she needed to be calm, patient, quiet and reserve around her. I explained that although TREESA loved me, she would probably take some time warming up to another human being until she could trust. Kristin seemed to understand exactly what I was talking about……….but I was very nervous. The fact that someone just wanted to meet TREESA, after hearing her horrible story, was a miracle in itself!

Kristin came over to meet TREESA. I sat in the chair first and showed Kristin how much TREESA trusted me. TREESA jumped up into my lap, I stroked her and talked to her. TREESA gave me a kiss (yes, on the lips!), and Kristin just watched without saying a whole lot…….but, I could see in Kristin’s eyes that she understood what was going on.

Kristin sat in the chair next. TREESA immediately jumped up into her lap looking for a warm soft place. Kristin began to slowly pet TREESA and she let TREESA sniff all over her. Kristin was so quiet, slow and calm. I was amazed at how she connected with the energy………sometimes higher and sometimes lower, but Kristin really understood it! Whenever TREESA seemed a little agitated, Kristin would just slowly pull back and let TREESA get comfortable again. It was amazing watching them both!

We left the room in amazement. Kristin said she wanted her. I was stunned and overjoyed, but apprehensive as well and a little overwhelmed. Could my journey and work with this abused animal actually be coming to an end? I’m not sure how I can go to the rescue facility every day and not think about working with TREESA???

I opened the door to TREESA’s room and let her come out into the hallway. Kristin got down on her knees to speak to TREESA and immediately TREESA jumped up onto her lap! Kristin was petting her gently and it looked at if Kristin was going to be stuck in that position for a while because TREESA surely wasn’t going anywhere! (see enclosed picture!) The connection was there. It was “purrfect”!

So, the miracle I had dreamed about for TREESA really did occur. A selfless person came into her life and treated her exactly how she should be treated; as an abused but recovered & delicate animal that only needs love and understanding. Kristin and her husband are one-year newlyweds. They are both professionals and work two opposite shifts so that someone will always be home with TREESA. Their house is adorable!!!

I delivered TREESA to Kristin the next day. Immediately in her new room, TREESA began walking around and investigating everything. TREESA went under the bed, but came back out again right away! She did not hide or act afraid at all. I had brought her scratching toy, her familiar blankets and some other things to make her feel ok. Kristin had bought her a HUGE new cat tree and placed it near the window knowing that TREESA liked to look outside. TREESA was quite comfortable and I was amazed at how well she did. I finally left with HUGE tears in my eyes………..I really think everything is going to be ok.

That night Kristin said that she slept in the room with TREESA. TREESA curled up inside the bend in her legs and purred up a storm. They slept together all night.

The next day, Kristen told me that TREESA was playing up a storm with a feather toy and that she was doing great! She had eaten, taken a poop, had some water and was happy! After a while, Kristin let TREESA sleep curled up on the bed under some covers to take a nap. Kristin assured me that everything was going great………

(take a moment to cry……………)

Today, Kristin said that TREESA had slipped out of the bedroom. TREESA was rolling around on the floor and acting like it was her house already, sniffing everything and going between the couch and the floor. I guess that’s it then. This amazing cat has finally got an amazing ending to her story. Let me quote Kristin in her last text message to me today:.

Kristin said: “I’m so glad she’s happy here, she has so much love and I’m honored that she’s sharing that with me. Thank you for taking such good care of her to help her be the kitty she is today.”

I’ll end on that note because I can’t see to type any more………

How about that guys! WE did it! You all helped with TREESA & for that, I will be forever grateful!

Treesa’s Original Adoption Advertisement


Are you a cat whisperer? Do you feel like you understand and relate to cats? If so, and you want one AMAZING cat to bond with, Treesa might be the cat for you. Watch her video! After being horribly abused, Treesa was rescued by FURR. Over time, this precious kitty has learned about love and trust…things she never knew about before. Treesa is a beautiful, soft and chatty girl that loves to sit in laps, have her chin scratched and play, running sideways like a crab! She is still deathly afraid of other kitties but has learned to trust the people that believe in her.

Could YOU be her saving grace? An unbelievable reward could result! Treesa is a young adult who has been spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for heartworm, leukemia and FIV. She is ready to go when you are! If you think you could be her person, please call to meet her!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet this kitty please email Terry at

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area!

If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.