Tori is Cozy - Summer 2016


UPDATE MAY 2017: TORI IS ADOPTED BY Mary, her long time Foster Mom

During PetSmart weekend (last weekend) Mary and I talked about her adopting her 2 long-term foster kitties, Hudson and Tori.  We decided that would be best since she had them SO long and we did not have any potential adopters for them.

Poor little Tori had gone downhill a lot in the last few weeks, and we took her for an evaluation that came back showing severe dental disease.  FURR paid for extensive dental cleaning and extractions to help her get better, but unfortunately, it was too late.  Little Tori (only a short time after Mary “officially” adopted her) passed away this morning (5/17/17).  We are all very sad about losing Tori to what appeared to be pancreatic disease.  We feel like Tori might have been older that what the vet’s thought, but at least she had a few good “indoor” years being taken care of and loved by Mary and having all of her vet needs taken care of by FURR.  Tori was a guest at my house several times and stayed in our guest room with Mary.  I had grown very fond of her also and it is a tough & sad loss.  Please say a prayer for Tori and for Mary to help her in this time of grieving.


Tori is a very unique looking kitty. She has splotches of orange on her black coat with a few spots of white.

What makes her even more special is her kind humble personality.  Watch her video!

When Tori was rescued she had been surviving outside on her own for a while. She experienced some trauma to her right ear and part of it is missing. I can’t imagine what this poor little girl has been through. She is so grateful to be rescued and loves living inside. She is very affectionate and loves head butts and back rubs. She gets along with other kitties, is very laid back and never causes a fuss. She is an all around perfect girl. She is about 3 years old.

Like all FURR kitties, this kitty is fully vetted with vaccinations and spaying/neutering. The Adoption fee also includes Microchipping to an approved home only!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet this kitty, please email FURR President and Founder, Terry Schultz, at adoptafurrcat@gmail.coom.

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