Meezer 1 is Beautiful - June 2017

Meezer 1

Meezer 1 Loved by New Mom - July 2017
Meezer 1 Loved by New Mom – July 2017

The adoption of MEEZER 1 went extremely well!  Her new name is “Dora” and her new mom is in LOVE with her!  This was truly a match made in Heaven and especially since Ms. Betty had just lost her beloved Maggie Moo.  Meezer is so happy at Betty’s and she is getting tons of love, brushing, food and ANYTHING else she wants or needs!  Meezer is being so sweet and both Betty and Meezer (Dora) are really happy together.  This is such a blessing.

Losing Maggie Moo effected all of us, but especially Betty who had loved and cared for her for years.  Maggie Moo will never be replaced, but Betty had a lot of love still left to give, so Meezer was the lucky one to be picked!  I am so happy for this poor kitty that came from a horrible place and now is totally happy!!!  What a great match!

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