Google is Adopted!


November 2022 Google is adopted! Check back soon for the happy details.

June 2022 Google is now healthy and happy and ready for her FURRever home! Read Mama Google kitty’s amazing survival story in “her own words” …

March 31, 2022 – Please help raise urgently needed funds for Mama Google’s dental cleaning and possible extractions next week.  Cost will range from $800 – $1200. Click “Donate” on the right or go to our new GoFundMe page for Mama Google.

I lived homeless the first year of my life and then I got pregnant! Thank goodness FURR saved me right before I has SEVEN little kittens! Now I’m done with nursing and caring for everyone but myself! I just love to relax, EAT, and get lots of love and rubs from the FURR volunteers. I’m quite beautiful and I have a funny way of always sticking out my tongue. Please give me a chance to join your quiet home. I prefer to be your ONLY kitty and have all the attention and love just for me! I think I deserve that after all I’ve been through, don’t you?!!

Below is the history of Google’s beautiful family for 2022 and the prior 2 years

Update March 2022 Tubi & Netflix adopted together!

Update Feb 4, 2022
Netflix (above) a great Kitty and desperate for a home. This cat should have been adopted a year ago along with her sister Tubi! Netflix is about 1.5 years old, super fun, silly, playful, beautiful and would be a wonderful family cat, especially if adopted with her sister Tubi! Does not like other cats (other than Tubi) and does fine with our dog!!

Gorgeous Crackle – 2021

Update Dec 3, 2021 Crackle (left) is Adopted! Details Soon! Still available: Netflix (above), Google and Tubi (below)

Update Nov 10, 2021 Is anyone able to foster (or adopt!) Netflix (above) and Crackle (left)? We recently had an adopter lined up but the arrangement fell through. Now I’ve rescued two other cats and placed them in the spaces where Netflix and Crackle were, so I really don’t want to bring them back to the same room they were in again! Thee are wonderful kitties and deserve better! NETFLIX (above) & CRACKLE (above) are very attached and desperately need a FURR-ever home together!

Update Oct 28, 2021
I just found out that Netflix (shown above) will probably have to have a full mouth extraction! We have already done a laser treatment to try to help her mouth, but it did not work. Now she has horrible blood res, sore gums! Please click on Donate to the right to help fund her treatment! Thank you!

Original Article in early 2021

Adopt siblings Netflix & Crackle, or daughter Tubi & Mama Google Today!

Mama Google – 2021

Mama kitty GOOGLE had 6 PRECIOUS females! Three sisters and their Mama are still available for adoption! These gray tabbies were born at FURR on April 16th, 2020. They all have lots of white paws, faces, chests & stomachs! SUPER sweet! They are all very playful and would love to have another cat (or sibling) to play with! LOTS of energy!!! These beautiful girls were all named after things we’ve been doing during COVID!:

TUBI (right) loves her Mom, GOOGLE (left)! They are very attached and desperately need a FURR-ever home together!
NETFLIX (above) & CRACKLE (above) are also very attached and desperately need a FURR-ever home together!

Playful Tubi – 2021

1 sister adopted in early 2021: TELLY
2 siblings adopted in the Fall of 2020: ROKU, HULU

Their mama is also now available for adoption (GOOGLE!). These kittens are fully vetted & READY TO GO! They will bring joy to any family or household! They are all young teenagers and will just crack you up with their zooming around the house and wrestling with each other! They are a hoot to watch! Call soon because these girls will go fast!!!

FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Hampstead/Wilmington area.

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab facility to meet this kitty, please email FURR’s President and Founder, Terry Schultz, at

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