Jeffrey at FURF Feb 2017

Jeffrey – Cat of the Month

Adopted in July 2017 – Story coming soon! 

BIG BOY “JEFFREY” needs a home!  This large stately kitty is GORGEOUS with his very soft silver gray fur and his amazing eyes!  This kitty is SUPER friendly and is just shy of 20 pounds of “purrage”!  He is really attached to ANYONE that will give him the time of day and he will follow you if you try to leave him! 

JEFFREY is just recently rescued and is starved for love and attention!  This is the kitty that showed up (more than likely dumped!) behind my friend, Donna’s, plastic surgeon’s office in Matthews where she works.  I really don’t think he was feral.  He hid from her for about 2 weeks before he would come close to her, but she was feeding him every day even though he kept his distance.  Finally, he started approaching her and even started rubbing her legs; but he was quite nervous, anxious and worried.

After she got him and brought him to the FURR lodge for rehab, I figured out really quick that he just doesn’t want to be left.  He was associating the food coming from her with her leaving.  He turned out to be a very kind and gentle cat that just needed to feel secure and loved.  He did not want to be alone and he started out running after me when I would go to leave his room.  I decided to feed him and stay with him for a long while before leaving.  Soon, he stopped trying to bite me and just settled down after eating to take a bath.  He worried less and less as I spent more time with him and stayed longer each time.

Now I can pick him up, put him in my lap and rub him lots!  This humongous cat is quite threatening looking but deep down inside, he is a very insecure and lonely fellow. Every day he is improving and getting more content.  He has slowed down his fast movements and has mellowed out.  He now goes into rooms 5 & 6 to hang out.  He used to just sit in there with all the other cats while growling the entire time.  Now, he hardly growls at all.  He is realizing that he is safe, loved quite often, fed LOTS and that the other cats are no threat to him, his food or his safety. He has a good healthy appetite and comes totally vetted, neutered, etc.  Jeffrey is about 2 years old, but let’s hope he doesn’t get any bigger!  This is a lot of cat to love, so prepare to be head-butted and rubbed on by him! I think this beautiful cat will make a wonderful pet!  He truly loves to be loved and just needs time and confidence.

Jeffrey would do best in a household with no other kitties. He has come a long way & pretty much ignores the other cats now, but if they come too close, he will go after them a bit.

For adoption information
or to schedule a visit to the Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab rescue facility to meet this kitty, please email FURR’s President and Founder, Terry Schultz, at  Meet this big fellow and you will just adore him!

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