Girlfriend Feature - Oct 2017

Girlfriend is Gorgeous

ADOPTED in January 2018! 

The wonderful, incredible lady named “Linda” that adopted our rescued kitty “BOYFRIEND” called to say she was coming to visit. She lives in OHIO and if you remember, Kathleen one of our very devoted & long time volunteers…….who is also a flight attendant), kindly flew BOYFRIEND to OHIO AND drove him to meet Linda. BOYFRIEND has turned out to be the love of Linda & her husband’s life, but Linda occasionally asked about GIRLFRIEND, the kitty that was rescued with BOYFRIEND. We still had GIRLFRIEND here at FURR. She was pregnant when we saved her and she ultimately had kittens. GIRLFRIEND was so emaciated that she could barely produce enough milk for her babies. We took the best care of her that we could, and thankfully all of the babies made it. They were all absolutely gorgeous and have since all been adopted to wonderful homes.


Linda said that she wanted to meet me and come to FURR while in town. Se said that she definitely wanted to meet GIRLFRIEND. I explained to Linda that GIRLFRIEND was drop dead gorgeous, but she was still very shy and scared. We could love on her, pet her, brush her and love on her, but she would still occasionally hiss (for no good reason) and she was very scared of being picked up. Linda wanted to meet the kitty that BOYFRIEND loved at one time!!!

BOYFRIEND is a whole other story for me to tell…….he is doing fantastic and besides being the love of their lives, he has actually done some miraculous things that make him even more special than we ever thought possible!!!

Linda met me and GIRLFRIEND – Linda is sooooo much like me! She is so emotional about the cats and can really feel for their thoughts and look deep into their hearts. Linda just loved petting GIRLFRIEND and enjoyed spending time soothing her and petting her. She fell in love with her! The next thing I knew, she said that she wanted to take her home to OHIO and let her live with and be with BOYFRIEND again! OMG!!!

We started working on the plans, and Linda wanted to fly her home the next day when she was returning to OH. I was such an emotional wreck knowing that GIRLFRIEND was leaving AND that she was going to be on a plane!!! …………but, knowing her ultimate home was absolutely wonderful and a dream come true, I knew it just had to work out!!! Praying to GOD that all goes well, I called Kathleen who is experienced with this “cat flying” stuff! Kathleen assured me and Linda that all would be ok and that GIRLFRIEND “would” have to be taken out of the carrier while TSA took the carrier out of room. I was so scared that GIRLFRIEND would freak out or get away!!!

Believe it or not, all went great! Linda was confident and wonderful! She took GIRLFRIEND out of the carrier in a small room and waited for the carrier to be returned. GIRLFRIEND tucked her head in Linda’s lap and never moved! She went back into her carrier and off they went!

Well, it gets better!!!

GIRLFRIEND got to Linda’s house and did great! She is in the bedroom with Linda, her husband and BOYFRIEND! GIRLFRIEND was even on the bed with them and slept with them the first night! I have a picture that will just bring tears to your eyes! When they say that there is a happy story waiting for every rescued cat, well, this one is TRUE!!!

I am forever grateful to Linda for loving GIRLFRIEND and giving her a loving home. I miss GIRLFRIEND so much, but I just couldn’t be happier! This is truly one of the happiest stories I had the privilege of telling!!!

BLESSINGS TO LINDA, HER HUSBAND, BOYFRIEND & GIRLFRIEND!!! (I know I have posted a LOT of pictures, but what better way to tell her story!!!)

Like all FURR kitties, this kitty is fully vetted with vaccinations and spaying/neutering. The Adoption fee also includes Microchipping to an approved home only.

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