Gracie is Adopted!

Gracie shaved for injections to hopefully save her life March 2022

June 2022 – Good News! Gracie survived FIP (see her story below) and now Terry, FURR’s President and Founder, is adopting her!

March 2022 – Please go to our Go Fund Me page to help meet several urgent needs described below!

The little rescued kitten named “GRACIE” who came from a colony I saved at Topsail Beach has been sick. I took her to the vet in December for just being lethargic and she was running a low grade fever. Her fever, despite antibiotics and other treatments, stayed for several weeks. I had to medicate her, give her fluids, monitor her, hand feed her, weigh her often and spent many hours taking her back and forth to the vet with no resolution in site.

After about a month of nonstop care (I had put her in my personal bathroom to care for her round the clock), she was no better. I took her in to be euthanized since I could not stand to see her suffer any further, losing weight, not wanting to eat and becoming neurologically unsound in her back end.

Before I took her in to be euthanized, someone reached out to me and gave me a phone number to call suspecting that Gracie had FIP – Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a rare disease that is very difficult to diagnosis and treat. I called the person and rushed Gracie to see the person at 10 pm one night. The medicine that I purchased is not approved by the FDA and cannot be obtained by a vet. The medicine has been proven to cure FIP in China, but not in the US. I didn’t have anything to lose, since she was dying, so I bought the medicine.

Within one day of getting the medicine, GRACIE’s fever broke. She immediately started eating. Within a week, she was walking normally and feeling a whole lot better. With a long way to go still, I needed to continue the medicine every day for 84 days. I have managed to buy the medicine with just barely enough in the FURR account to keep her going……….

However, she needs 2 more weeks of medicine and we have run out of money. The medicine runs about $1,000 every two weeks, so you can imagine how this has but a huge strain on FURR.

I thank the people who have given to help save her: my parents, her caretakers when she was living in the woods (before FURR was able to rescue her), and other donors who have given recently. Without those funds, she would have died.

Please pass along the word that FURR is desperate for funding for Gracie, Mama Google and other expenses. Thank you all for caring and prayers always help!

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to the Hampstead/Wilmington, NC and surrounding area only and to approved homes.

If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.