Marbles and Terry - Dec 2022

Marbles Adopted!

January 11, 2023 Great News Marbles is adopted! Check back soon for the details of this happy ending!

December 11, 2022

Marbles – Dec 2022

A couple days ago I got one of those distressed calls. I man living in the WORST part of Wilmington called. His neighbor lady had a kitty that the man said was beautiful & sweet. He said that she could not care for him any more and had decided to euthanize him. The man was so upset at the thought of this cat being put to sleep, that he called everywhere he could looking for help. He had no car, no money & was living (like his neighbor) in a rough part of town in a small government one-room apartment. His sincerity really got to me and so I started also calling for help.

One rescue stepped up to say that they would “loan” me one of their foster homes that currently did not have any cats. I was thrilled & quickly called the man back to say we (my sister, Fran, and I) would come and get him.

Marbles – Dec 2022

To our amazement, even in this tiny, horrible place where the cat had lived, he looked fairly healthy. He was already neutered & had on an old rabies tag. The cat was HUGE, but not all that fat, just BIG! His name is “MARBLES” and he was extremely friendly and beautiful. He is a 5 year old orange tabby with lots of white and huge eyes!

The poor old woman sadly put him in the crate and said goodbye. Fran and I took him straight to the vet and got his shots, blood testing (negative for all!), checked for microchip (none) and treated him for fleas & parasites.

MARBLES went to the foster home & evidently made himself quite at home. He ignored the other cat in the house and the dogs….for the most part. He would swat at the little dog every now and again, but he seemed to just blend in with no problems.

MARBLES is extremely friendly and needs a permanent home. He is a very LARGE boy and was a little heavy for even me to pick up! He has BIG sweet eyes and kinda likes to run the show. I would imagine he would be quite entertaining AND be quite warm for snuggling up to! Please let FURR know if you would like to meet this fellow!

We only have a MONTH to find him a home, but at least for now, he is safe!!!

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