Bare - Jan 2023

Bare is Adopted!

September 4, 2023 Some wonderful news happened that I want to share with all of you! Patti (FURR VOLUNTEER & adopter of GABBY!) fell in love with BARE just as I did months ago and has now adopted him!

Bare in recent times, but showing scars from life on his own

Bare’s Rescue & Rehab Story This amazing cat came from a beautiful Castle Hayne estate home.  A lovely lady, named Mrs. Barefoot, called me quite upset.  She was elderly and living alone in a large estate home with beautiful grounds.  Her husband had passed & her children were grown & gone, and Mrs. Barefoot could no longer maintain her property.  She knew she had to sell, but she had a HUGE problem that saddened her to her core.  You see, Mrs. Barefoot loved cats & had been feeding some feral cats on her property for years.  She had done the right thing by trapping & fixing all the cats, releasing them after recovery & letting them live on her estate.  The cats were ALL black (probably related) and relied on Mrs. Barefoot for food, water, shelter & love…..but yet they remained feral.

When I received the phone call from Mrs. Barefoot she was quite distraught.  I agreed to help her re-trap all the cats, update them on all needed vet care (shots, etc.) and, after what seemed to be an impossible task, I was able to find a beautiful sanctuary for them to live.  It was absolutely & positively the LAST cats that the sanctuary would take in.  They were so kind to take them for me, but no more cats would be allowed to come in because they were way beyond FULL!

Mrs. Barefoot was so happy her beloved cats were safe and all the cats adjusted well to their new life.

But, after a few weeks, I got a call.  ONE more black cat showed up and looked worse for wear.  He was a huge male with many battle scars.  I was able to trap him and get him immediately to the vet.

I named him “BARE” after Mrs. Barefoot, but seriously thought about naming him Al after AL Pacino’s movie “Scar Face”! BARE was beaten up to a pulp and I decided to keep him at FURR on medications for a while to get him healthy before deciding where he could go.

BARE was VERY FERAL, hissing at us, ears flat back and scared to death we were going to hurt him. Most of the volunteers steered clear of him and I, personally, got swatted several times while medicating him.

Low and behold, as many times before with feral cats, BARE took a good turn.  His ears came up, he just buried his head when I came to pet him and stopped swatting at me.  Soon, he actually looked forward to seeing me coming and and would blink his eyes.

Bare with new Mom Patti – Sept 2023

The rest is magical.  He fattened up, got a beautiful shiny coat (despite the battle scars), became very loving with all of us and the other FURR kitties. Over time, Patti fell in live with him, just as I did, and she took him home on trial.  I can’t tell you how many tears I shed when he left, but I knew it was an amazing home for him, plus I was dealing with a couple of very old cats of my own.

So, it is now official and Patti wants to Adopt BARE for life! Congrats Patti!  Not sure who is more lucky, you or him!

January 2023 – More details on “Bare” soon! This kitty would love to be adopted with Lea!

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