Finch is Finally Home

Finch - late 2017
Finch – late 2017

In late 2017, FINCH – Got adopted to a wonderful couple that have a 10-year old daughter & this is her first pet. Jay is already attached to her!!! Mom is a stay-at-home mom, so FINCH is rarely alone. We will miss your sweet face but are happy to know you’re in a FURRever home!

Four Kittens Rescued in Monroe, NC November 2017

A friend of mine called when trapping cats on a terrible street in Monroe.…..she was trying to get as many “fixed” as she could and get them rabies shots. The street is a poor street, dirty houses and abused animals everywhere. She is working hard to put a dent in the cruelty.

While she was out there trapping, she heard some awful screaming coming from underneath one of the houses. When she knocked on the door, the lady that answered said that there were kittens under there. The kittens had been there for about a week with no mama because she was hit and killed in the street………dear GOD!

My friend called me immediately and said she had gotten permission to get the kittens out from underneath the house and could I please take them. I agreed and even though it was getting late into the evening, I told her to bring them over no matter how late it was.

The kittens looked like they should have been dead. They looked like little baby birds with just skeletons barely covered with fur. They were completely starved and there was no way to know if they would make it. Of course they were immediately fed, bathed (covered in fleas), put on a heating pad and loved. These kittens were the worse case I had ever seen. You would just cry looking at them.

Over time, one of them did pass away. It is heart breaking when you do everything possible to save them……..staying up all night feeding them, keeping them warm, keeping them clean, etc. It sometimes is just out of our hands, but boy does that hurt………hurts deep.

The kittens were named after birds: Robin, Finch, Sparrow & Jay. ROBIN passed away at the ER. It was my second trip to the ER with him. He just lost the will to live and they call it “fading kitten syndrome”. I had him cremated and his little box with his picture is at our rescue facility.

The other three kittens, Finch, Sparrow and Jay are holding on. They have been through a rough time with extreme diarrhea, NOT eating, worms, fleas, etc. They are cured now from all of those things, but now at 7 weeks old, they still don’t want anything to eat but formula, they just barely nibble on their canned food. All I want is for these babies to grow up strong and get a wonderful home where they will be loved, and loved, and loved!!!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet a kitty please email Terry at Learn how to adopt a kitty! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area! If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.