Fern Feature - Sept 2017

Fern – Fearless, Fabulous – and now Adopted!

Update 11/11/2017: – Fern is Adopted! 

Although the beautiful FERN did not work out at her original adopter’s home, FURR took her back and was determined to find her the PURRFECT home this time.  Sometimes, not often, it just does not turn out to be a good match for kitty and adopter.  BUT, a NEW home was found!  One of our newer Kitty Happy Hour volunteers, PAM OPALKA fell in love with FERN and looked forward to visiting her every week.  PAM brushed FERN and talked to her and developed a relationship with her.

I knew PAM was thinking about getting a kitty, since sadly losing one recently, but I never thought it would be FERN!  What a wonderful surprise when she told me that it was FERN that she wanted!  She was adamant about making sure FERN would have the best home ever with lots of love, attention and brushing.  It sounded wonderful and FERN would be the only kitty.  PAM, being retired and living at Sun City, would have lots of time to work with FERN.  She is determined to make sure FERN is happy and loved!

I am thrilled about the re-homing for FERN!  I remember how adorable she was when Debbie Pope and I trapped her along with all the other colony cats at the closed down produce/plant stand in Monroe.  Here are some pictures of her!  She is amazingly beautiful!!! THANK YOU PAM for giving FERN a new home!!!

Original story: 

This sweet girl is FREAKIN’ ADORABLE with her fuzzy black fur and white accents! Watch her video! Look at those whiskers!!! Look at her unique markings on her face! She is soooo soft and sweet!

Fern, and her sister Myrtle, were rescued from an abandoned shopping center and were just skin & bones when FURR saved them! She is such a GORGEOUS cat, long hair and really sweet! She is ready to be loved and is so grateful for the slightest amount of attention! Be the one to give her a better life and realize how lucky you would be to have her. Come and meet her and see for yourself how SPECIAL she really is!

Like all FURR kitties, this kitty is fully vetted with vaccinations and spaying/neutering. The Adoption fee also includes Microchipping to an approved home only.

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet this kitty please email Terry at adoptafurrcat@gmail.com.

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area!

If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.