Bogie & Bunker Twins - Sept 2016

Bogie & Bunker

FUZZ BALL CUTIES! Kittens are the cutest things in the world! These siblings are growing up fast and furious! These little guys are soooooo adorable, very very

Bunker & Bogie Playing - Oct 2016
Bunker & Bogie Playing – Oct 2016

playful and funny – as entertaining as it gets! They are all healthy and happy and just waiting to see the next adventure around the corner…

These kittens were BORN at our rescue facility and have been handled and socialized since day ONE! They LOVE people and just want to be loved! Come and visit them soon and pick out the 2 siblings you would like to join your family!!! You will not want to leave them!!!



Update November 2016

A lovely lady came to the lodge yesterday.  Her name is Mary Ann and she just recently lost her senior kitties.  She waited a little while and is now ready for a new family.  Mary Ann is single and needs to fill her life with more kitties!  She fell in LOVE with Bogie and Bunker and adopted them!  Mary Ann had orange tabby kitties and just loved that the “twins” looked a lot like her kitties!  The twins were super sweet, loving, playful and completely “purrfect”, of course, since they were raised at FURR!  Mary Ann got RAVE reviews from her vet and she is super excited!  I was elated, but didn’t shed a tear?  Strange for me, but I feel it will come when I actually have to say goodbye to them.  She is taking delivery next Thursday.  I remember the day these kittens were born!  It has been an amazing journey with Mama Sun City Kitten and her entire rescue.  Now, after Bogie & Bunker leave, Putt Putt will be the only one left!  We will take her to PetSmart this weekend and hopefully, someone will love her as much as we do!  Isn’t this amazing news???  I am sooooooooo happy for the sweet boys!!!

Bunker & Bogie Still Playing - Oct 2016
Bunker & Bogie Still Playing – Oct 2016


If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.

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