Winkie with Toy - 2018

Winkie and Beach Boy Adopted Together!

Update Jan. 2019:

A very nice “empty nest” couple called me after receiving our FURR Christmas card. They had donated to FURR before! They are Sheryl & Brian. They have 3 girl kitties but felt their heartstrings pulled when they saw the picture of WINKY on our Christmas card. They had lost their 4th cat to cancer and thought they might like to rescue WINKY. They came to the lodge and visited for a while. Of course I was happy that this amazing couple that LOVED cats wanted one of ours (their other 3 had come from other places), but I was worried about Beach Boy and Winky being separated.

Blinkie, Winky’s sister, has never been as attached to her brother or Beach Boy, so I wasn’t as worried about her. She is more independent and I felt like she would be fine, in time, with any other kitty friend or maybe even as an only kitty.

Anyway, the meeting went very well and the couple just loved Winky. They left the lodge pretty positive about adopting him, but I told them to go home and think it over carefully, also giving me time to cope with the idea of separating Winky and Beach Boy. I did tell them the story of how Beach Boy took over caring for Winky and basically adopted him as his little son! It was truly amazing to see Beach Boy watch over him and also to watch Winky follow Beach Boy around EVERYWHERE! Winky would actually mimic whatever BB would do……eating the same food, sleeping in the same place & going potty at the same time!

I was so happy, but so sad at the same time and could not sleep that night.

The next day, I got a phone call from the couple. I was in the car with Mike going to lunch and I just burst out into tears and had to hang up the phone! Of course Mike was waiting to hear what in the world had happened……..I told him that the wonderful couple who had wanted Winky called to say that they wanted Beach Boy too! I could not believe my ears & just could not contain myself! As sad as I was going to be, saying goodbye to Beach Boy, I knew this was just another “meant to be” God stop! I had to call Sheryl & Brian back and apologize for not being able to speak to them at that moment, but I was so taken back by their call, that I needed a moment!

Beach Boy and I had been through a lot after I trapped & rescued him underneath my beach cottage. That was last year in Garden City Beach. I was trying, once again, to get away for a week with my family and rest from all the stresses of rescue work…………well, there he was, living underneath “MY” cottage! He was skin and bones, and he would run away like lightening as soon as he would see me, but he certainly did come back during the nights to eat the food I would leave for him. I managed to get a local rescue group to loan me a trap and, of course, I got him.

After several months at FURR, Beach Boy got healthy and his wonderful, sweet personality started coming out! He was an absolute doll and easy to love! I was immediately attached to this big, kind boy cat.

When Beach Boy took over caring for Winky, we knew that a bond had formed between these two. How in the world did this happen and did God just know that they needed this happy ending??? That WE needed this happy ending?

Anyway, the cats are delivered to their amazingly beautiful HUGE house and they are all set up in a large bonus room with lots of windows, window seats, toys, cat trees and some FURR blankets that I had brought for them. Both the kitties came out of their carriers and slinked around a bit and then BOTH of them went to the TOP of the cat tree and snuggled together on a FURR blanket from out of their room!

I kissed & kissed them on their heads and cried as I left, but I know this is best and that they will be so happy there! Sheryl and Brian are the true kind of cat lovers! They have 3 other young cats and their house is just filled with lots of cat toys, cat blankets, cat beds, cat trees and anything any cat could ever want! This couple will spare nothing to make sure that their kitties are healthy (best food), happy (best toys & trees) and have the best home (love, love, love) that they can give them!!!

Sheryl promised me that she would kiss them both on the head every night before bed (like I always did to them) AND she promised me that the first time Beach Boy stands up on his hind legs to give her a head butt as she leans over to him or gets a nose-to-nose kiss from him that she will think of me! Those were treasured memories I will never, ever forget.

Original Post:
WINKY has an amazing survival story! This kitten was rescued from a feral colony of cats and had been living with one infected and ruptured eye!!! FURR took him in for surgery and immediately had the eye removed! Now WINKY is the SWEETEST and HAPPIEST little kitten ever!

He has not missed a beat and plays up a storm! We are sure that now that the pain and suffering is gone, he is just thrilled to have attention and be ALIVE! WINKY also came with an adorable little sister that we call BLINKIE! The two kittens are quite a pair and are very attached! These kittens are sooooooo soft and loving! Our volunteer staff at FURR just LOVES them! Come meet them soon! They are ready to go and have been “fixed”, had all shots, blood tested (negative) and ready to go!

They also have a big, super sweet guardian angel named Beach Boy that has attached himself to them and never leaves their side. Here is an adorable video of Winkie and Beach Boy!

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