Pinky Adopted! Hooters is still available!

Pinky Loving Life! Early Feb 2019
Pinky Loving Life! Early Feb 2019
Pinky and Girlfriend Hooters Loving Life Together! – April 2019

Update December 1, 2021 Pinky is adopted! Hooters is still available

What a hilarious couple! Pinky (left-male) and Hooters (right female) are so happy together! Please consider adopting them together!

Please consider clicking “Donate” on the right to help us recover from paying $1,000 total for two recent, urgent surgeries. Please see the July 11th update below for details. 

Update July 11, 2021 PINKY had an infected canine.  It was a tooth that had been broken off before we rescued him and I had been keeping an eye on it.  It became inflamed & I knew it was hurting him.  PINKY went in for that tooth to be removed & also had a dental cleaning which was also needed.  He seems to be much better now!  I have to wonder if PINKY’s broken tooth came from being abused in his past life… sad! PINKY also had eye surgery a couple of months ago.  His right eye continued to water all the time and the vet said that he had that eyelash “thingy” going on where the eyelashes start to grow in towards the eyeball.  Every time he would blink, the eyelashes would scratch his eye ball.  Poor buddy!  But, that surgery went well also and he is doing great!

PINKY is still in love with HOOTERS and they both desperately need a home!!!

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Read on for the amazing story of Pinky’s near-death experience with heartworms.

April 27, 2019

GOOD NEWS! PINKY went to Dr. Sayer this week to get another echo cardiogram & checkup. His heart and lungs look CLEAR!!! The heart worm(s) has passed and he is doing GREAT! We are able to stop all medications at this point. I am sooooo happy for PINKY! He is one of only a very few number of cats that survive heart worm disease!

The medicine that PINKY was on to help keep his airways open is also a bit of an appetite suppressant………..also, it tends to make the cat a bit hyper, so hopefully now his appetite will pick back up and he will settle down a little bit! He is a screamer, talker, pacer & just overall seemingly unsettled cat. Now we will watch him to return to a more normal state!

PINKY’S case will be used in studies by these vets. It really is a miracle that he survived! Thanks for all your prayers for him!

February 5, 2019

Pinky is doing really well, eating well and seems to be back to normal! It is wonderful to see him talking and wanting attention again! He will need to go back to the cardiologist in 3-4 weeks for another echo cardiogram and xray to see if the heartworm has completely passed. Meanwhile, I am medicating him twice a day with LOTS of stuff (anti-inflammatory, steriods, etc.) and he is doing really well! Thanks again for ALL the support; both financially and mentally!!! Our prayers were answered with this one for sure!!!

Good news:
Fundraiser is complete and we raised $2,000 to save Pinky! He is home from ICU and resting comfortably at the FURR facility! 

January 30, 2019
PINKY came home last night! I monitored him throughout the night and he is doing very well! He ate all of his supper last night & is slowing eating his breakfast today. He seems good and happy to be back! He has lost some weight, but we will work hard to put that back on him. He is on a lot of medications for now, but hopefully he will get past all of this heartworm disease and end up 100% & ready for adoption! Thank you again for everything you have done for him!!!

January 29, 2019 9 pm
PINKY IS HOME! I cant believe he made it through such a hard ordeal…..he is a LOT better, and happy to be home, but not completely out of the woods….

It was very emotional when I went to get him. I picked him up and he put his arms around my neck & started purring up a storm…..even the vet tech commented….

He is currently in rm 6 by himself. He needs a couple of days alone to be quiet. Of course, I’m watching him on my video monitor, and he is pacing a bit…..I hope he can settle down & rest, but I will check on him later.

Pinky will be on lots of medication for the next few weeks. The heartworm still needs to successfully pass out of his body.

I’m so happy that he is home! It has been a tough 4 days!

I believe we have raised enough money to pay his bill. I cant thank you all enough for caring about this kitty. Your prayers & financial support have saved his life!

January 29, 2019 2 pm
This morning, the cardiologist said that Pinky had a good night. He is eating and doing well. He has been slowly weaned off of his oxygen and seems to be tolerating that OK. He is on a lot of medications, but did spike a fever. She wanted to monitor his fever this morning for a few hours before telling me anything.

I just talked to the cardiologist again. Pinky’s fever is under control and he has been normal temp for the last few hours. She wants to monitor him throughout the day, but if he continues to do well, she wants me to bring him HOME LATE AFTERNOON!!!

If Pinky comes home, he will have to be isolated for a couple of days. He will be on lots of medications for a while, but his prognosis is good. He has really been through the wringer. I am amazed that he has lived through all of this and I am extremely grateful to everyone for all of the financial support and prayers!!!

January 28, 2018 11 pm 
The cardiologist called me this afternoon. It sounds like it was the right move to get Pinky to Dr. Sayer. She said the echocardiogram SHOWS the heartworm that is causing Pinky’s troubles. Pinky would have been dead if no one had done KHH on Sat…..I was really busy on Sat, and could not get anyone for KHH, so i had to hurry down there around 2:30 to ck on everybody & feed lunch……folks, that was a “God stop”!

Dr. Sayer said that they were going to give Pinky steroids, blood thinner & continue the antibiotics & hopefully he can pass the worm successfully. He will be closely monitored. He is where he needs to be in ICU. She said he had been eating, feeling & acting good & was stable. She said that she was hoping he would have a good night.

I just called this evening to see how Pinky was doing. Unfortunately, he has spiked a fever and has some wicked diarrhea & refuses to eat. The vet tech was trying to reach Dr. Sayer to tell her. Now I’m worried all over again. This poor kitty!

What an emotional roller coaster. Please continue to pray for him & I will update u all in the am.

Please know that donations are coming in for Pinky and I am amazed and grateful for all the love & concern being shown for this amazing kitty!!! Thank u all so very very much!!!

January 28, 2019 11 am
Pinky is doing better this morning……….eating, acting normal and tried to bite the technician. This tells me his is definitely feeling a lot better. That is the good news.

Pinky cannot breathe when taken out of the oxygen chamber. That is the bad news. Obviously the antibiotics and oxygen has made him feel better, but there is still something terribly wrong and he cannot live in a chamber.

The thought is that he does have a blood clot somewhere as a result of the heart worms.

The bill so far is $1,700. I agreed to let him be transferred to the cardiologist specialist, Dr. Sayer, where he will get an echo cardiogram. Af Please pray that this will give a definitive answer on where the clot is and then they can try to treat it. This additional test and consult is another $500. I made the decision to at least do this before putting him down.

I will let you all know the results of the test (being done today) and then I will need all of you to help me make some tough decisions.

I still pray for Pinky and hope he will come through all of this ok.


January 27, 2019

Pinky is in intensive care in the C.A.R.E. Animal Hospital and we urgently need to raise $2,500 in donations by 1/31/19 to save his life! The veterinarians think he has thrown a blood clot and are giving him oxygen to help him breathe and treating him with IV fluids, blood thinners and antibiotics while providing 24 hour medical attention. His life hangs in the balance while this urgent care is given, but it is also very expensive. FURR had some funds, but they were quickly depleted as this level of care costs $1,000 per day.  Please donate any amount safely and securely by clicking on the DONATE button to the right and help save Pinky today!!!!

Pinky’s Story

PINKY is an ALL WHITE GORGEOUS male kitty with pink ears! Watch his video! PINKY has been rescued by FURR and gaining weight after living outside on his own for months! PINKY is really TALKATIVE & begs for attention! He loves to rub your legs & tell you how happy he is now! PINKY is about 1-2 years old, he is really soft and SNOW white! He has had all of his shots & vet work done. PINKY does well with other cats OR he can be a single cat. PINKY is an awesome boy & will be a BIG kitty when he gets to his ideal weight!

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