Mary - 2020

Mary is Adopted!

Update April 2020: Mary and Murphy adopted together! Check back soon for more on their adoption story.

Original Post – February 2020 Amazing kitty that only comes along once in a while! Mary was a young mama at only 7-8 months old and took great care of her little ones. Mary is the sweetest cat EVER! Gets along great with other cats and LOVES people! Mary is beautiful, SOOOO soft and laid back as can be! Her 3 youngsters are also available for adoption: 3 little orange and white boys – Murphy, Mikey and Marty.

Mary is especially close with Murphy, so it would mean the world to them to be adopted together!

October 2019 Last night I got a call that gave me a heart attack!  Mama Mary kitty had escaped the foster home!  She had been gone a couple of hours, but I rushed over as soon as I found out.  I called a few FURR friends and we all set out to find her!  It was bad enough that she is a young “unspayed” mama kitty that could easily get pregnant again, but the thought of her getting hit by a car or worse, especially while having 3 little babies, was just more than we could imagine.With flashlights, golf carts and cars, we searched for her in the darkness.  I left at one point and came home to get a trap, some tuna and a crate to put the babies in outside……..anything to lure Mary back to safety and to her babies!Eleanor had come to help, and low and behold, she spotted Mama Mary across the street in some bushes!  Eleanor yelled for me and I ran across the street towards Mary trying not to frighten her.  As I approached her I got down low and talked sweet to her.  When she approached me within arms reach, I grabbed her, scruffed her neck and held her tightly!  She was a bit skittish and I was just wanting to get her inside ASAP before she got loose again!  HOORAY & THANK YOU ELEANOR!!!As it turns out, I decided to bring Mama Mary and her babies to the FURR rescue facility.  The little family is doing great and now I have cats in my office again!  Oh well!  Come and visit this adorable family!  It is worth seeing!I am just thrilled that Mary is safe and sound and that her babies are reunited with her.  Little ones only a couple weeks old need to be fed every four hours!  I’m not sure what in the world we would have done without Mary to feed her babies!  I am just so relieved that everyone is OK!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab rescue facility to meet this kitty, please email FURR’s President and Founder, Terry Schultz, at

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