Hannah is Adopted!

Spring 2019 – Hannah is Adopted! Check back soon for her Story!

A true calendar kitty, MISS HANNAH is the most beautiful cat we have ever seen! She looks like the model cat on the Fancy Feast cans!!!

Late December 2018 – Hannah’s Story

PetSmart Wesley Chapel called me a couple of weeks ago. A young girl brought in a kitty that she had been feeding outside her house for months. She was worried about the kitty because she was starving, filthy, covered in fleas and who knows what else. The cat hung around the young girl’s house, but the girl’s dad said she had to get rid of it.

Being concerned for the cat’s welfare, she took the cat to drop it off at Banfield, PetSmart. Of course, Banfield does not take in cats and therefore they called me. I went over to Banfield and saw that the cat was quite pretty, but I believed it might be someone’s pet……..obviously not cared for, but nevertheless, we cannot take someone’s pet.

I told the young girl to take the cat home & keep it in the bathroom while she posted on local media and put up fliers all around the neighborhood. Her dad agreed temporarily to keep the cat inside, but that it was only short term. The cat was scanned for a microchip at Banfield, but none was found. I went ahead and had the cat treated for fleas, blood tested and given her shots.

About a week went by with no response from the ads. Finally, after a week, a lady called me about the cat. She said it was her cat and that she keeps it outside. I told her the cat was filthy, covered in fleas and in BAD need of a dental cleaning and having a couple of bad teeth pulled that were probably causing her pain. The lady said she was not willing to put one dime into the cat and that she would rather put it to sleep than spend any money on it.

With that response, I asked her if she would sign the cat over to FURR. I knew this beautiful, friendly cat only needed her updated vet work and a dental, and then she would be easily adoptable. The lady agreed.

Hannah was feeling a little under the weather when we first got her. I do believe that she was full of worms, covered in fleas, malnourished, etc., and sometimes, just the medications and the high protein, good food that the rescue cats get can upset their system for a bit. Hannah has been on a course of antibiotics for a week now and she has been treated for all of her parasites. She is now happy and doing great!!! She is one of the most beautiful cats FURR has ever had and she is just as friendly as she can be!

This amazing girl is about 6-8 years “young” and healthy, spayed, blood tested & ready to go! She is the SOFTEST thing you have ever touched & she is just as sweet as she is pretty! HANNAH just wants to be HELD, BRUSHED & LOVED! She wants to be wherever you are and she will give you KISSES! This cat will NOT last long, so call to meet her soon! FURR will make sure she goes to the best & most loving home ever!!!

Please note that she prefers to be the ONLY beauty queen of the castle!  (No other animals please).

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab rescue facility to meet this kitty, please email FURR’s President and Founder, Terry Schultz, at adoptafurrcat@gmail.com.

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to the Charlotte and surrounding area only and to approved homes.

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