Fern & Myrte with Kathryn July 2016
Fern & Myrte with Kathryn July 2016

Fern & Myrtle have hit the jackpot and I am so happy for them especially since Fern is one of our death-defying Miracle Wall survival stories!

Many, many thanks to FOUR SEASONS CAT HOSPITAL for the referral!  A wonderful lady named Kathryn was referred to FURR for adoption and she just fell in love with Fern & Myrtle!  Those absolutely GORGEOUS kitties have waited MUCH too long for a home!

Debbie Pope and I rescued them from the abandoned produce & plant stand in Monroe about a year ago. 
They were pitiful little kittens, in horrible shape and scared to death.  We caught about 15 cats there, many of which were kittens.  Once we started rescuing them, we could not stop until all of them were safe.

Fern & Myrtle were so scared, but they have become healthy and beautiful over this last year. 
Kathryn has one older kitty and wanted to get two youngsters.  I really admire her decision NOT to get little kittens, but to save the lives of young adults!  We pray for people like Kathryn that understand the need of these kitties to get adopted!!!  Kathryn had a beautiful home and had fixed up a safe room for Fern & Myrtle to stay in while getting adjusted.  She has a new HUGE cat tree, many toys, hide-a-way soft kitty pockets, new litter boxes, bright & big windows, etc.  It was absolutely PURRFECT!  I was super sad leaving them, but so happy that they had gotten a home worth waiting for!

Folks, this is what rescue is all about!  I am so happy for Fern & Myrtle AND for Kathryn! 
What a wonderful match.  I don’t think these cats will ever hurt for ANYTHING and even greater than that, her current vet is Dr. Moses!!!

Update October 2016

As you know these beautiful kittens were rescued from the abandoned produce stand in Monroe.  Starved, scruffy and scared to death, FURR trapped these babies and got to work.  These two kittens turned out to be beautiful, healthy cats that were some of the sweetest kitties ever……..even though Fern continued to be a little more shy than Myrtle.  Luckily, the best person for them came along and agreed that they needed to stay together.  It has been a wonderful match and new mom, Kathryn, tells me that Myrtle talks non-stop and Fern mimicks Myrtle by moving her mouth, but no sound comes out!  Too funny!  Look at how absolutely gorgeous these two kitties have turned out to be~  I am sooooo happy for them!

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