Azalea & Violet got adopted by a wonderful family! They have 2 older cats and wanted a kitten. I explained that the kitten would be bugging the older guys to death, so the best solution to that would be to get siblings. Luckily they fell in love with Azalea & Violet! They have 2 young children, also, but they are very well behaved and just love all the kitties!

The latest report is that they are doing GREAT, fitting in well with the family & all is good!  I knew these two kitties would be great with kids.  They are so friendly and gentle.

Fern, and her sister Myrtle, were rescued from an abandoned shopping center and were just skin & bones when FURR saved them! They are both GORGEOUS kittens, long hair and really sweet! These two little girls are ready to be loved & they are so grateful for the slightest amount of attention!

I am so very happy they have this amazing new future!!!

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