Super gorgeous kitty that is as sweet as she is pretty! Gives you kisses and has the softest fur you have ever felt! She is a Mackeral Tabby (or “Bulls Eye” Tabby) with huge swirls on her side. You won’t find this sweet of a kitty that is this beautiful everyday! She is so unique and special!

In September 2015 CASSIE was adopted by one of FURR’S very own volunteers :  Helen Beer!!!  I am thrilled beyond belief!!!   This is a wonderful home for this beautiful kitten!  Helen is one of the most compassionate animal people I know…..our sweet little Cassie finally gets her dream come true!!!  But….we will miss her Soooo much!  She would just melt the more you would love on her!   She would rub her face against yours and give the best kitty kisses ever! Thank you so much Helen!

We will always love you Cassie- our rescue from a fast food restaurant in Lancaster!

Update October 2016

The GORGEOUS wide-striped Bengal-looking kitten that was rescued from Lancaster, SC, (hence the name “Cassie”) is doing FANTASTIC!  Cassie was rescued by FURR exactly two years ago this month.  She was adopted by Helen Beer to keep her older male Bengal kitty company after losing his sister.  It worked out GREAT after a brief get-to-know-you period, Cassie and Duncan are totally in love!  This is a happy ending story if there ever was one!!! Just look at this picture!!!