Tux with Terry -What a Love! - Jan 2017
Tux & Terry – He is Out of His Shell – What a Love Now! – Jan 2017

If you are looking for a BIG BEAUTIFUL BOY, TUX could be the kitty for you!

TUX has come such a very, very long way since we got him here at the rescue facility.  He is friendly, loves to be brushed, showing off his elegant ‘Tuxedo’, and has become very healthy.  His coat is now clean and shiny and all the fleas and parasites are gone!  His scruffy fur and bald spots, from getting all beat up, have filled in.  He is eating up a storm and head butting me.  I can pick him up now and carry him for a little bit.  He purrs to beat the band and I cannot tell you how special this kitty is.

His teeth were in horrible shape and I am sure he has been in constant pain. So on December 8th he had 7 extractions during his dental surgery including all 4 canine teeth! It was also discovered that underneath 2 claws on his front left paw his pads were badly infected. So Dr. Moses, our fabulous FURR vet, cleaned up his mouth and paws,  gave him a shot of antibiotics and plenty of pain medication for the next few days.  I knew his 2 upper canine teeth were literally broken off, but I had no idea his entire mouth was suffering.  I am sure the root exposure from the broken teeth alone was quite painful for this boy. We will continue feeding him excellent food with lots of protein to continue to heal him.

Update: January 9, 2016:  TUX is totally recovered from his dental surgery and probably feeling better than he has in years! No tooth pain! No Hunger! No freezing cold nights! No hunger pangs! No loneliness! No cursed parasites crawling everywhere imaginable!  He is sweet, healthy, outgoing and now roams freely around the FURR rescue facility, chirping his pleasure to all! He is super friendly to all the kitties, consistently showing the sweet, docile nature we have seen from the very beginning of our relationship.

It is so exciting to see this poor beat-up male cat get more beautiful and healthy each day.  He is only about 5 years young and looking forward to a long life with a new family! I can say this, whoever adopts this amazing cat, will be lucky to be owned by him!

Like all FURR kitties, this kitty is fully vetted (obviously!) with vaccinations and neutering. FURR’s Adoption fee also includes Microchipping!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab rescue facility to meet this kitty, please email FURR’s President and Founder, Terry Schultz, at adoptafurrcat@gmail.com.

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