Tommy is Terrific

Tommy showed up in the middle of a feral colony searching for food.  Who in the world dumped this adorable little bob tailed boy?  He was skinny, skittish and starving!  Luckily, he showed up in the colony of a very caring cat lady that immediately trapped him!  She knew he was young and very out of place.  She took him home, worked on taming him and getting him to trust her and then started looking for a rescue to take him.  Tommy is so adorable being a young gray tabby with a stub tail that he actually wags!!!

I told the rescuer, Pam, that I would take Tommy as soon as I had room and put him on my waiting list.  As soon as I could (last week) I took this little stray kitten into the FURR rescue.  He was a bit scared at first and had really bonded with Pam as his new mommy.  It was sad watching Pam leave him at FURR because he ran to the door after her when she left!  I don’t know who was more pitiful, Tommy or Pam!!!

Now, TOMMY has made friends with all the kittens in his room. 
He is absolutely adorable and is about 5-6 months old.  We are going to find a wonderful and “purrfect” home for this little guy!  He is very very special!!!

Like all FURR kitties, this kitty is fully vetted with vaccinations and spaying/neutering.
The adoption fee also includes Microchipping to an approved home only!

For adoption information
or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet this kitty please email Terry at

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area!

If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.